Here's 3 months of Google One, on us. Can’t read this? Click here
100GB of cloud storage, on us. Plenty of extra space for your snaps and selfies.
Hello Vincent,

We just wanted to give you a little gift to thank you for being part of the Virgin Media family.

So, here’s 3 months of Google One, on us.
(Then it’ll cost £1.59 a month.)

You’ll get 100GB of storage and phone backup to keep all your files stored safely in the cloud, as well as access to Google experts and extra member benefits – all in one plan you can share with your family.

The Virgin Media team
My Virgin Media
The Offer
This Google One membership offer (“Offer”) provides you with subscription benefits at no charge for a period of 6 months from the day you redeem the Offer (the “Offer Period”). The Google One Terms of Service apply to your subscription during the Offer Period. The Google Privacy Policy describes how personal data is handled in this service.

After you redeem the Offer, you can confirm the Offer Period end date in your Subscriptions page in the Google Play Store. Offer expires and must be redeemed by 9 December 2022.

Requirements & eligibility
The Offer requires a Google Payments account with a qualifying form of payment at sign-up. This Offer is limited to new users to Google One in the United Kingdom who are Virgin Media Limited customers, and may not be combined with other Google One offers.

Recurring billing & cancellations
On the date your Offer Period ends, your subscription will begin and your form of payment will be automatically charged the standard monthly Google One subscription price, until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel anytime. No refunds for partial billing periods are available. To avoid being charged, you must cancel before the end of the Offer Period. If you cancel your subscription during the Offer Period, your membership will remain active until the end of the Offer Period.

Storage limits
If you cancel your subscription and have exceeded your Google Account storage limit during the Offer Period, you will not be able to store anything new until you free up space or purchase a Google One membership. See Help Center for more details.
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